About Qukku

Before we get to know each other better, perhaps we should get some Qukku truisms out of the way – or Qukkisms as we like to call them.

  • #1 We love crowds so much that we had to self-diagnose our condition. Ochlomania. Seriously, look it up.

  • #2 We remember how fun being a kid was with unbounded creativity! In some ways, we feel a tad bit mislead by the “I’m a Toys R Us kid” jingle because we thought that if we said it enough that it would become true. Kinda like saying the word Beetlejuice three times, which would absolutely never do.

  • #3 We love surprises! Sure do. Only thing that we love better than surprises is games. Um, so, we’re sorta competitive, but in a good way. Just don’t be on the other team in a game of Taboo. Or Cards Against Humanity. Just sayin’

Well, there’s many more Qukkisms than that, but with that out of the way, how about we tell you a bit more about Qukku.

Meet the Team
Stephen White, CXO
Greg Wright, CTO
Rob Alexander, Lead Developer
Reyna Brizuela, UX Designer
What is Qukku?
Qukku’s platform enables organizations to crowdsource ideas. Internal and external creators, collaborators, and voters voice, rate, and elevate the best ideas to the top. It's fun and rewarding!

How does Qukku work?
We work with fun sponsors that are looking to engage with their internal and external stakeholders to develop an inspiring contest topic and throw in some fantastic prizes. From there, our community of creators gets to work creating their masterpieces and submit them to the contest. Since the video with the most votes wins, the creators spread the word to their online networks and solicit votes from their friends and fans. The more people a creator shares their video with — the better their chances of winning. Voters that come to the site to support a friend are encouraged to watch other videos in that contest and in other contests – sharing your videos with a whole new audience.

Lead Software Developer
You are a seasoned developer with experience in many languages across different scale products. You have managed small teams and projects and know how to strike the optimal balance between coding something yourself vs leveraging the strengths of those developers reporting to you. You always look for the right tool for the job, not just the one at hand or the one you know...

Software Developer
The Web Team needs a strong developer to implement and maintain our site. We are getting the most out of Azure with .Net and MVC4. The entire development department works in an agile environment with 2 week sprints...

Contact Us
Thanks for your interest in Qukku. If you have questions about our company or services, or need to report violations of our terms of service, please use the contact form to reach us.
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