The Fox Parody
Create your own parody or reenactment of the 'The Fox' song by Ylvis.




$400 + Animal Swag




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About This Contest:
"The Fox" by Ylvis will either make your mind explode, or you will be singing the lyrics 'what does the fox say' all hours of the day in your head. Also after watching the video, you're probably thinking in your head, 'what noises does (insert animal here) say?' So here is your chance to reenact the video or come up with your own animal or thing parody of 'The Fox'!! Be creative!

Voters: Make sure you are logged in to vote for your favorite video!

The video with the most votes wins!! Voting ends the same day as the contest end date. Also your vote is only counted once!

Contest end time is based on Central Standard Time (CST).

1st Place: $250 + fox mask

2nd Place: $100

3rd Place: $50

Total Prizes:

$400 + Animal Swag
Rules and Requirements:
1.Your creation has to be a parody of "The Fox" by Ylvis, or your own reenactment of the video.

2. Video should be between 30 seconds and 4 minutes in length.

3. Make sure all animals are kept safe and unharmed!

4. The video should have humans or animals in the video. No video games with voice overs. Repurposed videos have to address the contest topic properly. (At Qukku's discretion)

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